Effective Patent Search

A Patent Search is conducted to evaluate the multiple objectives. Sometimes it is used to check the novelty of an invention and sometimes to kill the invention. In addition, the patent search is more commonly phrased as a prior art search. It helps to determine whether the invention is new, patentable and non-obvious.

In simple terms, a Patent Search is done to ensure that your invention is novel and not already known. Effective patent search allows the inventor or assignee to ensure all subsequent steps and decision making like patent application filing is performed correctly. Sometimes, it really helps in enhancing your idea as well. Hence, an effective patent search is pretty much a strong need of inventors, patent agents, patent attorneys to prepare and submit their idea with the patent office. Sometimes, a patent search is done to understand effective and enforceable patents present in one or more jurisdictions to ensure non-infringement issues. This helps in avoiding litigation and creating marketing strategies for fortune 500+ companies.

Therefore, an effective patent search is multi-faceted and requires an intelligent approach to ensure multiple objectives are achieved.

Some of the key pointers for beginner is to understand where and how to conduct an effective patent search:

  • 1.     Choose the right set of keywords pertaining to the invention.
  • 2.     Choose the right set of database(s) to conduct the search
  • 3.     Choose the right set of combinations of Keywords and classes

There are many patent record vendors in the market that provide search platforms to conduct the patent search. However, choosing right one out of it depends upon multiple factors including – Worldwide patent document coverage, frequency of update, representation of information, search interface parameters, options to perform all strategies on a single platform etc. However, it is recommended that the preferred domestic PTO shall be searched before filing the patent in the respective patent office. The reason for this is multiple. One, it allows easy prosecution at the later stage. Two, records of patent filing are up to date. Three, language barriers associated with patent offices in countries like Japan, Korea, China etc. and some European countries like Germany, France etc., are overcome. Hence, a strong patent search approach while filing in native country shall be preferred.

A patent searcher shall review the invention carefully, understand the technology area and appropriately use keywords in the broadest level possible to uncover all patents relating to the invention for further review. Moreover, in order to avoid too much time and effort, a narrow search is recommended over a broader one. Sometimes, it is also preferred to include classification aspect to the search rather than using too many keywords, especially in the invention relating to mechanical technologies, medical devices etc.

Patent Tools

PatentManiac deploys various search tools (softwares, macros, dashboards etc.) to achieve optimization and comprehensiveness of the work product development during the project execution stage.

Various Patent Tools Include:

  • Patent Research Tools
  • External Patent Databases
  • Domestic Patent Databases
  • Chemical Patent Databases
  • Patent Analytic Tools
  • Patent Paralegal Tools

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