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We have been supporting various clients globally including Top Law Firms, Fortune 500+ Companies, Universities, Patent Licensing Firms, Patent Brokerage Firms, NPEs and Individual Inventors. Some on our clients include:

"The search results identified were very relevant. This will definitely be helpful for us in decision making for our client. Keep it up!!!"

– Partner – California Based Law Firm

"Glad that you solved my problem. I was worried of getting into infringement. You saved my money"

–Inventor – Boston based Semiconductor designing company

"The drawings were as per the PTO compliance. You understood the examiner's points and took up the assignment very nicely. I am impressed "

– Principal Attorney – Texas based Law Firm

"Your understanding of the portfolio was excellent. My client will be happy. Thanks a ton!"

– Leading Patent Brokerage Firm in Washington D.C.

"The knowledge of IP is really good. Your insight into this landscape was very helpful. Our decision making process is now more clear. Appreciate your efforts"

– CEO – Leading Blockchain based cryptocurrency trading platform provider.

"The product identification and its analysis is really nice. It seems that we need to get into patent litigation and file a law suit in the court. Your analysis was terrific."

– CTO – Leading Laptop manufacture in Taipei, Taiwan.

"I have used other service providers but your quality of work is par excellence. Expect more work from our firm"

– Partner - Oregon based Law Firm

"The design drawings are brilliant. I guess you understood it without any back-n-forth. Very Good!!"

– Partner – Singapore based Law Firm

"You have really taken the project to an upper level. Your IP skill set and presentation format is what we were looking for. Hats off!"

– CEO – Germany based Automobile manufacturer

"The work product is of excellent quality. It looks like you understood our requirements quickly and customized the work product accordingly. This is brilliant"

– CEO – NPE based in Japan

Texas based Law Firm

Very Impressive! I will recommend your firm to my colleagues as well...

Law firm based in Japan

Well done. I will surely use your firm in future....

Major electronic company in Taiwan

Excellent work. This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!...

Major Semi-conductor firm in California

The search references were great. It helped me in enhancing my portfolio...

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