How to file a U.S. design patent application?

How to file a U.S. design patent application? Protecting ornamental designs is one of the crucial aspects of manufacturing companies at a global level today. Since the products consistently are driven through customers’ changing requirements, their respective designs improved. It is understood that design patents provide protection of the ornamental design or shape of the […]

How to Search for State-of-the-Art?

​How to Search for State-of-the-Art? Inventions to be patented are either absolutely novel or an improvement suggested to the previous or existing solutions present in the market. As the innovation industry evolves every decade, various solutions to existing problems are identified and filed with patent offices. These solutions are more economical, less complex, and easily […]

How to Get a Patent in the US?

The United States is the innovation hub for various technologies based inventions that are filed with the patent office (USPTO) directly or with a foreign priority. Every year, hundreds of thousands of patent applications (Provisional or Non-provisional) are filed with the U.S. patent office. Each application covers a novel idea that requires a thorough inspection […]

Patent Landscape Search

Patent landscape search has been a conventional yet a smart approach to enter or understand the patent market within one or more jurisdictions. It is often used synonymously with patent FTO search as well. However, both of these searches are related amongst themselves. From a conventional standpoint, a patent landscape study allows us to understand […]

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