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PatentManiac's brand enforcement practice understands that our clients' brand names and goodwill are among their most valuable assets, and has assembled a team of highly experienced people to protect them. Our clients invest significant resources in developing strong, distinctive, enduring brands. It is essential that they be protected, nurtured, and grown.

A counterfeit product is one that is knowingly made with the intention of deceiving a recipient or buyer as to its true identity, content, or origin, and is branded with another's registered trademark. Counterfeits are found in many industries, including fashion, jewelry, auto parts, software, and pharmaceuticals.

We assist our clients in combating a worldwide counterfeiting problem by using various inhouse tools including - Alibaba, Aliprotect etc. to check the conterfieting activities in specific regions. This helps the client in taking strategic and legal decisions to protect the brand value.

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