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Dedicated Hours Model

In this model, the client engages us for a predetermined number of hours every month. Based on the number of hours, we would be offering patent services at a discounted hourly rate. As opposed to the dedicated team model, in which a dedicated team has to be picked, in this model, the client has the flexibility of utilizing our team members with diverse technical background. This model is suitable for clients for whom it is difficult to predetermine the technology domain of the projects that would be outsourced.

On-Demand Model

Best suited for sporadic workload and short duration projects, our on-demand engagement model offers a one-time project specific proposal for the client's approval. The proposal lists the methodology, proposed timelines and costs for the project. Therefore, no fixed commitment is required from the client. The projects are executed by professionals best-suited for work, based on their technical expertise and work experience. The professionals, once staffed, work exclusively for the client during the course of the project, thus ensuring a smooth communication and seamless delivery of work product(s).

Full-Time Equivalent Model

Often, some of our clients aim at developing an in-house team of professionals to operate in the long run. In such cases, we offer a Full-time engagement model, wherein we recruit professionals according to your requirements, and provide them a complete training and infrastructure support at our offices. Once the team is ready to work on live projects, we operate it till a steady state operating condition is reached in which the team is aligned with the client's business requirements, and gradually hand over the control of the team to the client. While the initial time investment and training is done by us, such teams have proved to work extremely efficiently with larger organizations – this comes with our experience of managing and handling teams of IP professionals successfully from their inception.

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